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Deffner Network Consulting is an information technology resource that has worked with a number of businesses of different sizes and industries to evaluate, assist and deliver solutions.

Everyday our customers dream new ideas that will help them compete in an ever more global competition.   These ideas need to be realized quickly to be effective.  Often times there isn’t the luxury of having a second chance to get it right.  They need an experienced, capable and dedicated partner to help them see these ideas through.  This is where we come in.

We specialize in integrating with businesses in a number of capabilities.  Whether that is an independent staff augmentation, a consultant or a contractor, we have done them all with success. With us, you get individuals who live in the trenches, stood shoulder to shoulder with business owners, stakeholders and technical staff, understanding their needs, addressing their concerns and helped them be successful in their endeavors.  We not only speak tech, but also business, being able to communicate to all parties that have a stake in the idea.