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Daniel Deffner
Daniel DeffnerFull Stack Developer-Tester/System Administrator/Application Architect
A veteran developer and IT professional who’s been in the space since 1998. I’ve worked in many different size operations in many different types of industries in a wide array of roles. I’m very much the jack of all trades variety of person and always looking for the next pearl of knowledge to gobble up. When not solving the problems of the day, you may find me out for a hike, driving a tractor on the farm or attending a user group meeting.

Some of my highlights

I worked on some great projects over time, here are a few highlights.

  • Custom integration of multiple lodging merchant room inventories into major ski hill e-commerce site, allowing lodging providers to participate in an extensive array of sales and cross channel promotions.
  • Be a key player in a technical startup in central Wisconsin, led the performance and automation division along with reworking the parent company intranet based on SharePoint technologies
  • A Black Ops style project to successfully introduce a Quality Assurance Test Automation practice, which spawned a new DevOps group and a full Atlassian implementation into a Fortune 500 retailer of sports equipment and shoes.
  • Introduction and stand up of an Agile Methodology practice for another large e-commerce group.
I have received numerous awards such as:
  • Caught in the Act
  • Unsung Hero Award

To be successful in this field I find that there are certain constants:

  • Understand the people – Taking the time to talk with the people in the organization gives key insight into the situation I am working with and builds important relationships.  It also allows me to know better what capabilities are available with the client and where I may need to suggest training for them to be more successful or what additional services I can offer to shore up the client while they build their employees up.
  • Understand the business – One can build the greatest solution possible, but if it solves the wrong problem, it has limited value.
  • Understand the resources – This is everything outside of people and the business, the tools available, system setups, capabilities and estimations of time required to deliver.  Example, if a company uses manual testing and no CI/CD, both of those are risks that will increase time to market and I can then advise updates to reduce those risks.

I’m pretty busy most of the time.  Along with a successful IT career, which takes a great deal of time in itself to stay current, I also spend considerable time working on my parent’s farm and active in various tech related user groups.  I’m a Pluralsight member for technical training which I have found to be the most consistent and wide ranging amount of content in one place so far.

Things I bring to the table

Technical Capabilities:

  • ColdFusion Development
  • SQL
  • Automated Testing (QA and Performance Engineering!)
  • Application Architecture
  • JS/JQuery
  • Java/.Net – A little rusty
  • Cloud Strategies – Azure primarily at this point, so much here to work with and constantly evolving
  • Python – Fascinating language with many possible uses, just getting started here
  • System Administration – Windows (NT4-2016)
  • Atlassian Suite integration and administration

Soft Skills/Business:

  • Project Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Security Conscious
  • Mentoring/Training
  • Staff Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Skill to Project/Task Matching
  • Skill Gap Analysis

Deffner Network Consulting is an information technology resource that has worked with a number of businesses of different sizes and industries to evaluate, assist and deliver solutions.

Everyday our customers dream new ideas that will help them compete in an ever more global competition.   These ideas need to be realized quickly to be effective.  Often times there isn’t the luxury of having a second chance to get it right.  They need an experienced, capable and dedicated partner to help them see these ideas through.  This is where we come in.

We specialize in integrating with businesses in a number of capabilities.  Whether that is an independent staff augmentation, a consultant or a contractor, we have done them all with success. With us, you get individuals who live in the trenches, stood shoulder to shoulder with business owners, stakeholders and technical staff, understanding their needs, addressing their concerns and helped them be successful in their endeavors.  We not only speak tech, but also business, being able to communicate to all parties that have a stake in the idea.